Tatev Monastery

250km from Yerevan. See location

Tatev monastery was founded in 4c. on the place where Eustatius, the disciple of Thaddeus the Apostle died. The name is also after Eustatius (Tateus). The main church of St. Paul and Peter was built in 9c.. In 14-15cc. Tatev was also a university, one of the oldest in the world. It was a famous educational and scientific center of the region. During the ages, Syunik province was often attacked by enemies and Tatev fortress was one of the important strategic centers of the region. The monastery housed the relics of St. John the Baptist, St. Stephen, eleven Apostles, St. Hripsimeh, St. Gregory the Illuminator, the hair of the Holy Virgin and other relics. Today you can reach Tatev by air tramway Tatever.

On the road to Tatev, you can visit monasteries Khor Virap and Noravank, Zorats Karer monument.