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Hatis (Shamiram) Mountain


Hatis Mountain is located in the north-east of Kotayk hill of volcanic origin. The height of mountain is 2528m.

It is conical hill of volcanic rock. Slopes, in the upper parts, are sloping. Radiated, deep ravines dissect the middle and foot slopes. There are rocky ledges. Mountain massif is covered with meadows and prairie vegetations.

Information for tourists: there are underground rescue shelters on the top of mountain.

Many legends are associated with Mt. Hatis. Its second name is Shamiram. They say, that Assyrian queen Shamiram, in a battle with Ara, disposed his troops on the slopes of Hatis. King Ara took positions on the hillside of Araler.

The enemy's army was so numerous that the queen had to be located on high place that it was possible to observe the course of battle. From here the name “Shamiram” comes.

Hatis was the name of the god Attis.

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