Hiking and excursions in Armenia

FindArmenia is one of the leaders in organizing active tours in Armenia. In 2005, we began operating as a non-commercial hiking club, and in 2009 we founded tour company. Every year, we welcome more than 30 groups and around 1,500 people from many different countries.

We are always delighted to receive travelers who are drawn to Armenia and make an all-out effort to ensure that the requirements of all our guests are met at the highest level we are capable of providing. Travel through Armenia with us and create memories of a journey that will last a lifetime.

One-day Excursions in Armenia

Welcome to an Open Air Museum

“If the scriptures are rightly understood it was in Armenia that paradise was placed.”

George Gordon (Lord) Byron

“If I were asked where on the Planet one can meet more miracles, I would have undoubtedly called Armenia first.”

Rockwell Kent