Excursion to Artsakh 2 days

Dadivank Monastery 13c.
740km whole distance
Duration: 2 days
Destinations: Noratus Cemetery, Dadivank, Gandzasar, Metsaranits, Stepanakert, Shushi, Tigranakert

Number of

1-2 260€
3-6 420€
7-12 500€
13-16 580€

Price includes transportation from Yerevan and the services of a guide.

Does not include: accommodation in Stepanakert, food, visa (~6€ per person)

Dadivank Monastery

Dadivank monastery was founded in 9c. However, the first church was built in 1c. in pre-Cristian Armenia. Named after St. Dadi, a disciple of St.  Thaddeus the Apostle. St. Dadi founded first churches and was buried there. The main church is built in 13c. Dadivank was one of the most significant spiritual and educational centers of medieval Armenia.

Gandzasar Monastery

Gandzasar monastery was founded in 13c. It is one of significant spiritual and educational centers of medieval Armenia. Today it is the main spiritual center and the most famous destination of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

Ghazanchetsots Cathedral

Ghazanchetsots Cathedral, Church of Holy Savior was built in 1887y. It is one of the biggest churches of Armenia and the main spiritual center of Artsakh Eparchy. Under the altar of the church, there is an awesome acoustic room, where you could hear your voice 10 times louder than usual.

Mayraberd Fortress

Shushi fortress