Hiking tour in Armenia

Price: 375 Euro
Dates: July 6-14, August 1-9

This multi-day hike covers the major part of Armenia.
The program also includes excursions to some top tourist attractions, in order to gain an overall knowledge of the country. Visitors who take part in the tour not only savour the experience of feeling at one with nature, they also enjoy the rare opportunity to visit ancient monuments nestled in remote areas far from any village and which can only be reached on foot.
The hikes are without heavy backpacks and do not require special training. This routes are thus suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers.
We provide hostel accommodation in the center of Yerevan, the most interesting and convenient area to stay in Armenia.
We also take into consideration the numerous feedback from our guests during developing this tour.


1 day: ► Meeting at the airport *  At 4pm we meet in FindArmenia hostel and go to the spiritual center of Armenia, Echmiadzin. Armenia is the first nation to adopt Christianity in AD 301, and visiting the Echmiadzin Cathedral, Hripsime temple and ruins of Zvartnots church you will know more interesting about that mysterious historical period. At the evening we will organize walking excursion in Yerevan.

*) We will meet guests in any time and date of arrival, even if it be some days before. But you don’t actually need to arrive a day before. You could arrive in the first half of start day (this day). Please note, that breakfast of this day and accommodation for extra days aren’t included in the price. Please contact us for any questions.


2 day:  7km, 510m,  240km. Ascent to Artanish mountain (2460m). The summit of Artanish is the only place, from which you can see the whole Sevan lake. The view is really amazing.  Swimming in Sevan Lake.  Excursion to Sevanavank monastery (7c.).


3 day: 10km, 655m, 300km. Hike to one of the largest fortresses of Armenia, Smbataberd fortress (10-13cc., 1950m) and Tsakhats Kar monastery (10c., 2100m).


Day 4: 10km, 580m, 240km. Hike to impregnable Maiden fortress located in the dark forests of Dilijan National Park. Visiting Haghartsin monastery.


Day 5: Free autonomous day in Yerevan. Please note that only breakfast included in the price for that day.


Day 6: 8km, 450m, 100km. Hike to Mayravank monastery. 2km hike to Bjni fortress. Bathing in hot springs with healing water.


Day 7:  2km, 279m,  80km. Excursion to Erebuni fortress (782y. B.C.), the ruins of ancient Yerevan, one of the oldest towns in the World. Excursion to Garni pagan temple (1c.).  Excursion to Geghard cave monastery (13c.).  Walk to “Stone Symphony” nature attraction.


Day 8:  10km, 670m,  120km. Ascent to Aragats mountain (South Peak, 3879m). Excursion to Amberd Fortress (10c.).


Day 9:  Free day (shopping, souvenirs, museums).  Transfer to the airport in any time and date of departure. Please note, that dinner for that day and accommodation for extra nights isn’t included in the price.



Price: 375 Euro

We don’t require prepayment


  • Transportation
  • Guide services (English excursions)
  • Three meals a day (excluding free day)
  • Accommodation at FindArmenia hostel *
  • Transfer and meeting at the airport
  • All planned entrance tickets
  • Medical insurance

*) FindArmenia hostel may be replaced by another one of the same or higher class. Please note, that we provide gender-separated shared rooms. Please contact us, if you need another accommodation.

Does not include:

  • Airplane tickets
  • Food in free day
  • Souvenirs
  • Museums in Yerevan

Necessary to have


  • Sun hat + warm hat
  • Waterproof jacket
  • 2 rain ponchos
  • 3-5 t-shirts
  • Sweater
  • 2 trekking trousers
  • Shorts
  • 3-5 pairs of socks
  • Trekking boots
  • Additional pair of shoes
  • Swimsuit
  • Slippers


  • One day backpack
  • Rain cover for backpack
  • Walking poles (optional)
  • Sun glasses
  • Sit pad (optional)
  • Mug, spoon, knife
  • Thermos (optional)
  • Flashlight (headlamp preferable)
  • Personal medical kit
  • Personal care
  • Towel
  • Sunblock


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions. We will be very glad to provide all information you are interested in. We don’t require prepayment for registration. Registration process includes following simple steps:

  1. If you don’t have any questions and make a decision to participate, you inform us and send passport photo or scan by one of this contacts.
  2. We send you .pdf confirmation of your participation
  3. Finally you send us your flight number and time
  4. We meet you at the airport, you enjoy your trip 😉