Hovhannavank Monastery

30km from Yerevan. See location

The oldest building is the church of St. Karapet (St. John the Baptist) built at the beginning of 4c. by St. Gregory the Enlightener, who baptized Armenia into the world’s first Christian nation. In that church, the power of St. John the Baptist is stored. The main church of the monastery was built in 13c. Interior of the Cathedral is well decorated. The most important bas-relief is the scene of Wise and Foolish Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13). Under the monastery, there is a big cave (entrance from the canyon side), used as a secret passage. At the monastery, you will enjoy an amazing view of Kasakh canyon.

On the other side of the main road, there are ruins of Ushi monastery. Just 8.5km from Hovhannavank there is another beautiful monastery, Saghmosavank.