Visitors who take part in our routes not only savour the experience of feeling at one with nature, they enjoy the rare opportunity to visit ancient monuments nestled in remote areas far from any village and which can only be reached on foot.

Our hiking tours are the result of many years of study and development by the Baghdasaryan brothers, who have made a significant contribution to the development of active tourism in Armenia.

The hikes are done without heavy backpacks and do not require special training. Our routes are thus suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers. We also take into consideration the numerous feedback from our guests when developing these tours.

Day trips

6km, 1985m, 440m, 100km.Mayravank monastery (7c.), Bjni fortress (10c.), Bathing in hot springs. 15-115€ … Details ►
7km, 2460km, 500m, 240km.Summit of Artanish mountain, Sevanavank Monastery (7c.). 18-135€ … Details ►
11km, 3879km, 670m, 160km.Aragats South Peak, Kari lake, Amberd fortress (10c.). 15-115€ … Details ►
10km, 1550m, 100m, 240km.Dilijan National Park, Monasteries Jukhtak, Matosavank, Aghavnavank (12-13cc.). 18-135€ … Details ►
11km, 2065m, 500m,  320km.Smbataberd fortress, Tsakhats Kar monastery (13c.). 21-150€ … Details ►

Multi-day trips