Hiking in Dilijan National Park. Monateries

Matosavank Monastery (12c.)
120km from Yerevan:
Distance: 10km
Elevation: 100m
DestinationsDilijan National Park, Monasteries Jukhtak, Matosavank, Aghavnavank, Haghartsin, Sevanavank

Number of

1-2 120€
3-6 150€
7-12 210€
13-16 230€

Price includes transportation from Yerevan and the services of a guide. Hiking consists of 3 simple parts: hike to Jukhtak, Matosavank and Aghavnavank monasteries. After each part we will return to the car. We will visit Sevanavank monastery on the way to Dilijan and Haghartsin monastery on the way back. For more difficult hiking in Dilijan National Park see:
Hiking to the fortress
Hiking to the fortress (more difficult)