Khndzoresk Cave Town

250km from Yerevan. See location

Khndzoresk is a cave town with more than 3000 caves. It was one of the biggest villages in Armenia with a population of 15000 people. People lived there from prehistoric ages until the 1990s. Continued invasions during the whole history of Syunik region made them build such safe dwellings. In spite of difficult living conditions, the village had a rich cultural life. There were 3 churches and 3 schools, there are many famous cultural figures from that village. In 2009 a swinging bridge with 163m length and 65m height was built between two slopes of the canyon.

On the road to Khndzoresk, you can visit monasteries Khor Virap, Noravank and Tatev, Zorats Karer monument.