Tour April 15-30


Apr. 15. Meeting day.

Apr. 16. Car 85km, walk 2km, Yerevan

  • Erebuni Fortress (782y. B.C.), the place where Yerevan was founded
  • Garni temple (77y.), the only pagan temple in Armenia
  • Geghard cave monastery
  • 2km walk to Stone symphony

Apr. 17. Car 110km, walk 3.5km, Yerevan

  • 3.5km trekking to Amberd fortress (7c., 2300m), on the slop of Aragats Mountain.
  • Depending on the time of finish we could visit attractions on the road to Yerevan.

Apr. 18. Car 190km, walk 4km, Alaverdi

  • Ohannavank and Saghmosavank monasteries (13c.)
  • 4km trekking to Bardzrakash  monastery, abandoned in the dark forest

Apr. 19. Car 155km, walk 2km, Dilijan

  • Excursion to Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries (10c.) listed in UNESCO World Heritage List
  • Odzun (7c.) and Horomayr (12c.) monasteries
  • 2km walking to Kobayr monastery (13c.)

Apr. 20. Car 120km, walk 8km, Dilijan

  • 8km hiking to Ashot Yerkat fortress (10c.) on the top of a mountain in Dilijan National Park
  • Excursion to Makaravank monastery (13c.)

Apr. 21. Car 130km, walk 7km, Sevan Lake

  • 2km walking to Jukhtak monastery (12c.) in Dilijan National Park
  • 5km walking to Aghavnavank monastery (12c.) in Red Yew Grove
  • Monasteries Haghartsin and Goshavank (13c.) in Dilijan National Park
  • Sevanavank monastery (9c.) on Akhtamar peninsula of Sevan Lake

Apr. 22. Car 315km, Shushi

  • Hayravank monastery (12c.)
  • Noratus cross-stone cemetery
  • Dadivank monastery (1-13c.)
  • Gandzasar monastery (13c.)

Apr. 23. Car 125km, walk 6km, Shishi

  • 6km hiking to Umbrella waterfall under Shushi town
  • 2000 years old giant Plane tree Tnjri
  • Amaras monastery (4c.), where the first Armenian-language school was founded

Apr. 24. Car 100km, Shushi

Excursions to: Shushi Geological Museum ⇢ Shushi Fortress ⇢ Kanach Jam church ⇢ Ruins of  Real College ⇢ Great Mosque ⇢ Hunot canyon ⇢ Mayraberd fortress ⇢ Tigranakert Archeological site

Apr. 25. Car 155km, walk 4km, Goris

  • 2km walking to Khndzoresk cave town
  • Tatev monastery, Tatev ropeway
  • 2km walk to Tatev Anapat
  • Devils bridge. Natural wonder

Apr. 26. Car 110km, walk 2km, Jermuk

  • Shaqi waterfall
  • Qarahunj archeological site
  • 2km trekking to Gndevank monastery
  • Jermuk resort town: gallery of mineral watters ⇢ Jermuk waterfall

Apr. 27. Car 200km, Yerevan

  • Noravank monastery, where there is the first realistic image of God the Father
  • Areni cave archeological site where the oldest leather shoe was found in 2010y.
  • Areni wine factory with excursion and degustation
  • Khor Virap monastery, the closest point to Ararat Mountain

Apr. 28. Free independent day in Yerevan (for museums, souvenirs, etc.). You spend your day by yourself but of course we will help you with organizations.

Apr. 29. Car 135km, walk 2km, Yerevan

  • Tsakhkadzor resort town, Kecharis monastery, ropeway
  • 2km walk to Bjni fortress
  • Having a bath in mineral hot springs

Apr. 30. Transfer to Airport


Price for 7 persons is 2550 Euro

Accommodation: 1615 Euro

Total: 4165 Euro


  • Transportation (excluding free day in Yerevan)
  • Services of French speaking guide (excluding free day in Yerevan)
  • All planned tickets (Garni, Erebuni, Tatev ropeway,
    Shushi Geo-museum, Tsakhkadzor ropeway, hot springs)
  • Partially breakfast and dinners (see details below)

Does not include

  • Partially breakfast and dinners (see details below)
  • Lunch
  • Museums in Yerevan
  • Services of transport and guide in free day
  • Souvenirs
  • Medical insurance


Apr. 15-17: 3 nights in FindArmenia hostel

Does not include neither breakfast nor dinner. The hostel is in the very center of the city, where there are a lot of supermarkets and restaurants of different types. That’s why we don’t include food.

145€ for 3 family rooms and 1 bed in 6-bed shared room, for 3 nights

Apr. 18: Guesthouse near Alaverdi town

Breakfast and dinner included

205€ for 4 double rooms

Apr. 19-20: 2 nights in Guesthouse in Dilijan

Only breakfast Included. For the dinners you have 3 options: go to restaurant, (e.g. Qarahunj or any of this); prepare by yourself; order at the guesthouse. So you will be free to make a decision

260€ for 3 double rooms and 1 single

Apr. 21: Hotel near Sevan lake

Only breakfast included. You can have a dinner in the restaurant at the hotel (approx. 8eu per person is enough)

165€ for 3 double rooms and 2 single

Apr. 22-24: 3 nights in Hotel in Shushi

Only breakfast included. You can have a dinner both at the hotel or in a restaurants in Stepanakert (approx. 8eu per person is enough)

330€ for 3 double rooms and 2 single

Apr. 25: Guesthouse in Goris

Only breakfast included. You can have a dinner both at the hotel or in a restaurants in Goris (approx. 8eu per person is enough)

90€ for 4 bedroom house

Apr. 26: Guest house in Jermuk

Breakfast and dinner included

150€ for 3 double rooms and 2 single

Apr. 27-30: 2 close apartments in the center of Yerevan

Does not include neither breakfast nor dinner.

170€ for 3 nights