Aragats North Peak (4090m)

80km from Yerevan:
Distance: 15km
Elevation: 890m
Destination: Aragats North Peak (4090m), Kari lake

Number of

1-2 110€
3-6 120€
7-12 150€
13-16 175€

Price includes transportation from Yerevan and the services of a guide. Hiking starts at Lake Kari (3207m). This climbing is for only well-trained travellers. Views are almost same as from South or West Peak. So if you think that climbing is too hard for you, we suggest you to see:
Aragats West Peak (3879m).
or more easy
Aragats South Peak (3879m).
* Note that this tour is for only false North Peak, which doesn’t require rock-climbing and isn’t dangerous. 99% of alpinists reaching North Peak reach the false one. Distance from false to real peaks is almost 100m and real peak is higher than false peak for some meters, but this section requires rock-climbing experience and is dangerous. Going to real peak is allowed only if the traveler is experienced alpinist. Anyway, our guide don’t take tourists there and is not responsible for climbing to real peak.