Aragats West Peak (4008m)

80km from Yerevan:
Distance: 12km
Elevation: 800m
Destination: Aragats South (3879m) & West (4008m) Peaks, Kari lake, Amberd Fortress (10c.)

Number of

1-2 85€
3-6 100€
7-12 130€
13-16 150€

Price includes transportation from Yerevan and the services of a guide. Hiking starts at Lake Kari (3207m). First we climb to South Peak (3879m), then to West Peak (4008m). This summit isn’t for beginners and requires some training. Views are almost same as from South Peak. So if you think that climbing is too hard for you, we suggest you to see:
Aragats South Peak (3879m).
But if you are experienced alpinist and wish more difficult climbing in Aragats, you may be also interested in:
Aragats North Peak (4090m).
After the hiking, depending on condition and wishes of traveler(s), we will organize excursion to Amberd Fortress (10c.).